Providing the best service to suit everyone
can be demanding

That is, if you don't have Konfx.

This is Konfx. (kohn-fer-uns)

We provide a space for you effectively manage your event and ease communication between all parties involved.

A smart, stress-free, seamless solution for all your events' needs.

Stay on top of things

Keep your team, your delegates and your guests informed at all times. All while providing a completely customised platform for your event.

  • Tailored for your brand, with fully customisable logo, background, headers and icons
  • Supports both multi-day and multi-track schedules
  • Instantly syncs with the app once changes are made to the schedule
  • Ease communication between you and your guests with push announcements

Focus on the things that matter

We'll help you automate processes as much as possible, so you can
concentrate on more important tasks.

  • Easily input your guest list through the platform, through Konfx. API, or through CSV imports
  • Want to eliminate manual labour for your registration counters entirely? We provide self-service options too
  • Print conference tags for your attendees instantly on-the-spot
  • Publish and distribute your delegates' conference material on the app

Smooth sailing for everyone

Bridge connections between your delegates and your guests
via our app.

Speaker Spotlight

Highlight your key speakers by creating profiles integrated and with their social media accounts to allow your guests to get to know them better.

Booth Check-ins

Allow guests to automatically receive brochures by scanning the QR code of booths their interested in.

Card Drops

Give exhibitors and sponsors access to data where they can track, monitor and analyse booth visits, bridging them with all their potential leads.

Digital Passports and Stamps

Create and carry out booth activities with guests using our digital passport and stamp functions.

Creating Contacts

Exchanging contact details with anyone at the event is as simple as scanning their QR code on the app.

Measure your success or your actual, tangible results

Survey, collect, and access all your event data faster than ever before with our automated analytics. Actual, tangible results conveniently packaged for your needs.

  • Create custom choice or free text surveys for your guests for both your event as a whole, or for individual speakers
  • Observe traffic between rooms with our available for rent monitoring device
  • Simplify and facilitate feedback from your guests with our one-touch happiness evaluation system
  • Get full detailed reports on every aspect of your event. Broken down and simplified just for you in Microsoft Excel formats


Let us know your concerns, and we’ll provide you with more information, answer any questions you may have and help you figure out the best solution for your needs.

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